What is 4Life Transfer Factor?

4Life Transfer Factor is a line of products designed to help boost the immune system. The product range uses a proprietary blend of transfer factors used to strengthen the body. In science and medicine, “transfer factors” are immune messenger molecules that help the body detect threats or foreign cells. Most transfer factors are peptides (protein-based cells) that consist of approximately 44 amino acids.

These amino acids “network” with other cells to build immunity to health-threatening conditions. Research has found that these protein cells may be able to “transfer” immunity or health benefits from donor to recipient. The company has consulted with researchers, scientists, and doctors to extract these proteins and formulate products in the Transfer Factor brand.

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The line has three main products:

  • Classic – 4Life Transfer Classic is the original formula that features proteins and peptides extracted from cow colostrum.
  • Tri-Factor Formula – The Tri-Factor Formula combines proteins and peptides from cow colostrum, proteins and peptides from chicken egg yolk, and nano-filtered cow protein.
  • Plus – 4Life Transfer Factor Plus combines proteins and peptides from cow colostrum, proteins from chicken egg yolk, and nano-filtered protein plus other immune system enhancers. It is the company’s best-selling product.

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